Thursday, March 1, 2012


So at long last we get our snow.  Granted, it is not a huge amount, but if it keeps up as promised, I may actually be able to get out on my skis later on.  The ironic thing is that today I had planned to go on a trip. The only trip of the season, so I thought it very fitting that this is the day it would snow a lot.  However,  this is a trip that can be done tomorrow, and so it shall.  Which gives me a whole day at home to work in my "studio".   The studio being more of a state of mind than an actual place.
Cabled cowl

I did get a new piece done for my Etsy shop.  I really like it and want to do another that same size with a different pattern.  Of course.  I tried to take some photos of the yarn I might use,  but the camera is giving me problems.  Once I get it to take a good photo, I will share.

We have an old Siamese kitty who will be 20 this month.  She has a little heated bed on the sofa that she sleeps in all the time.  Today it looks like the right idea.

Sukey Mei Ling

My new project that I succumbed to finally is the Lanesplitter skirt.    This is a pattern I have been longing to make but the suggested yarn is so expensive that I couldn't justify spending that much money, just to knit a cool pattern.  However,  I was looking at the many skirts already done by other knitters and found that they are using all kinds of yarns.  So then I was able to go to my favorite online store, KnitPicks, and find affordable Chroma worsted to use.   I am not going to show you any photos until I get a bit of it done.  And get my camera to work!


  1. What a sweet kitty picture, wow 20 years old - never knew cats lived that long! The skirt is awesome!

  2. Ha! For some reason, unknown to myself, pets at this house live very long lives. Even guinea pigs! And you can see why that skirt is calling to me...