Thursday, March 8, 2012

Loving it!

Can you spy O'Malley, the cat? He thinks it's spring
Last week it was winter, this week it is spring.  One would almost think I lived in Vermont or something! The weather these last two days has been unseasonably warm at 50 and 60 degrees.  What is great is that we also have sun, although I think that part may be short lived as it looks like clouds are moving in.  I was hoping for some northern lights last night due to the activity on the sun, but was not gratified.  Oh well.  I think my friend in Anchorage gets to see them for me, up close and personal.  She also is having all my snow, but we have always been good about sharing.

Poor Prius

The worst thing since last week was our trip getting canceled due to an accident an hour into the drive.  I was hit very hard in the rear by a large Ford 350 pickup driven by a young man from Quebec.  Fortunately no one was injured as I had my parents with me.  It was very scary and traumatic as I have never been in a car accident before.  The car was still drivable, we were only an hour from my folks, no one was hurt, so all in all it could have been an awful lot worse.   We limped back home and my daughter and husband came down for the night to have supper with me and cheer me up.  It was wonderful.  The car will get fixed;  life moves on.

Happy bees

The best thing is that the bees made it through the winter.  The price of replacing them has gotten so high that we were not sure that we would do it if they had died, but they didn't!!!  Very happy about that.

Here is a peek at my skirt.  It is a ton of fun to knit, mindless once you get going, but always with the colors changing so it is not at all boring.
That's all for now.  Must go sort fleece for washing and maybe actually do a bit of house work.   It is mud season for the moment which means every animal and person that comes into the house brings a bit of the outside with them.  Keeps a body busy!


  1. Glad you were not hurt in the mishap, thank goodness no one was hurt. Did a little happy dance for you and the bees - they are no doubt looking forward to spring flowers. How long have you kept bees? Is it scary? I am thinking we just might need to start a hive, any suggestions? Love the skirt, can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Bees are not difficult to keep at all--the most important thing is that the beekeeper stays calm around them. My husband only wears his suit when he has to pull the frames. We haven't had a hive long enough for honey gathering. Maybe this year!