Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Did Anyone Else Notice This Weather??

OK.  I just have to mention it---the weather is insane!!  It is 80 degrees outside.  Eighty Degrees!!  The whole countryside is freaking out.   Everyone wants to be out in the air, While It Lasts.  Considering that we usually marshal in Spring with snow and freezing rain,  it is to be expected that most people are grabbing this while they can, fully aware that it could snow three feet next week.  My yard is in total late April mode.  Crocus, yes we can have crocus blooming in March.  That is fine.
A little early but not too

          And if we see the tops of daffodils, that also can happen in March.  Never daffodils with buds!
They just can't wait
        The pièce de résistance is one of my roses.  This really has me worried for when the cold descends upon us again.
Really jumping the gun

However, there is nothing to be done but to wait and see how it all pans out.  The sad news for the day is that my little Daisie Mae, the hen I raised from an egg last year, died quite suddenly on Saturday.  She did not exhibit any sign of illness, in fact, she laid an egg that very morning.  Inexplicably, in the afternoon, she was in great distress.  I could see nothing, nor feel anything amiss, so I just held her for a while.  Then she had a few convulsions and was gone.
Very sad for me.  All part of the chicken farming business.  Hopefully I will have another broody Mama this year and can try for another hen or two.
Meanwhile,  I will be enjoying this weather.

R. I. P. little hen

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