Friday, March 16, 2012


A grey and rainy day outside,  warm and dry inside.  I am doing my work while wearing my newly finished Uzu socks.  They fit perfectly.  This was a great pattern, once I got the knack of it.  The Sherman method toe I tried instead of the one written, is very comfy.  I think it will be my toe for now on.  The heel was not one I had done before, and I don't think I will again.  It was described as an "upside down Half-handkerchief heel".  Next time I will try the Sherman method heel as well.

Fraternal, not Identical
The fleece from Warwick is all picked and washed.  He has a great fleece--fine and long.  I am going to use some of him to card with some blue that I have to spin for a shawl I want to weave.
Warwick, all picked and washed

Balls of mohair/wool to re-use
The main yarn for this shawl is coming from a sweater that I took apart.  The sweater was probably 20 years old at this point.  I had spun it out of wool and mohair, dying it in shades of blue.  It had been mended so many times in the cuff and elbow department that it was no longer looking very good.  Plus, it was in an Icelandic style that I no longer wear.  So I decided to re purpose the yarn.  It never would have occurred to me to do this had I not heard Brenda Dayne talk about doing this very thing.  It took me most of Saturday to take it apart.  I then re-skeined it, washed and hung it to get the knitting kinks out of it.  Then I wound it into balls, starting a new ball when I got to the end of a piece of yarn.  There are lots of pieces and I didn't ball them if they were not at least 3 yards long, as I can't have a knot in the warp.  The next step will be to figure out how many usable yards there are.  There were at least 500 that were salvageable,  but that includes short bits as well.  The rest of the warp will be the blue/white blended alpaca.  Debating whether to have white in the weft or not.  Decisions, decisions.  And I haven't even gotten to the pattern part!
Off to make Irish Soda bread.  Will be spinning while it bakes as I also have another project to start.  And I actually had someone ask if I was going to be bored when I stopped working at the Library!


  1. The blue mohair/wool is beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

  2. Thanks! I always loved the color which is why I wanted to re use it.