Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

Dinner rolls
Baking day here.  I have made rolls for tomorrow, both sweet for morning and dinner for, well, dinner!  There is also a lemon sponge and salad to bring to the folks for the meal.  Strange feeling for me this holiday as it is the first time we will have no one at home.  We will get to see Annie at dinner tomorrow, so that makes me feel better.  My husband was able to get my corsage for Church.  This is a tradition my Dad started when we were very young that my husband has taken up.  It is so special. This year it is a red rose.

Hive all dissembled, mouse nest on base
Putting the top super on bottom

Speaking of the husband, he took a look at his hive last Monday and decided to swap the supers around. The super is the thing that holds the frames and looks like a drawer.   This is done when the bees fill up the top frames, but don't work downwards, and so don't know that the frames below them are empty.  If they fill up all the top frames and have no where to go (in their minds) then they will swarm and look for another hive.  So my smart husband found that it is beneficial to rearrange things.  It was a very exciting maneuver as he had to carefully take the whole hive apart in order to put the top on the bottom.  The most interesting part was when we found the mouse nest on the base, complete with live mouse!!!  There was a dead one in the nest itself, but the live one was clinging to the lower frames!  Not good.  It seems that the bees in hibernation won't bother the mice that are looking for a winter living space, and once the bees are active the mice stay in the lower frames, eating the honey and wax.  Hopefully now the bees will fix the combs, adding back the honey.
Almost back together

The skirt
I did finish and start projects.  The Lanesplitter skirt is done.    I actually wore it out in public.  It is very comfy.  The only comment I got was from a younger man who said he liked my skirt!  That was nice.  I am wearing it with the seam on the side and the darker stripe in back.
  It really was fun to make. 

 I also got the loom warped.  I have only begun the pattern which I think I am going to like very much.  Of course my usual fear is that I won't have enough yarn to finish.  We will see.

The start
And I had to start a baby sweater as our son's friends had their baby 5 weeks early.  I wasn't sure what I was going to knit for them, but when I found this lovely alpaca/silk yarn in my stash to use as the waistband for my skirt I knew that it was going to be the baby sweater.  The pattern is an old Elizabeth Zimmermann one from her "Knitter's Almanac" called simply 'Baby sweater on two needles, practically seamless'.   It makes up quickly and is "cute as a bunny" when done.
That's all for now.  Happy and Blessed Easter to you all.


  1. Love the skirt!!! Happy Easter :)

  2. The skirt is awesome! Happy Easter to you and yours. By the way those dinner rolls look so yummy I wanted to reach through the computer screen and eat one. ;-)

  3. Thanks for the nice skirt comments. The rolls were very delish! And we did have a Happy Easter.