Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Projects

Yarn of a different color
I am getting excited about another project for the loom.  The yarn was some dyed merino roving  I had purchased some time ago at a Fiber Festival that I had been using as inspiration for the colorway.  Not being thrilled to look at it anymore,  I decided to try to spin it with the idea of keeping the colors as distinct as possible.  This proved impossible to do, so I took a different tack and blended it with some alpaca.  When it came to spinning,  I was disappointed to find the fiber not as pleasing to the touch as I felt it should be.  However,  I persevered and was rewarded with a tolerable yarn which immediately changed color when I washed it as about a quarter of the dye left it.  Hmmm.  Not happy with that!  Especially as it was the color that attracted me to it.  The final yarn is certainly not what I had anticipated, that is for sure, but like many of my experiments I am confident that once it becomes a finished product it will appeal to someone.   It is going on the loom as I found that having wool in the warp makes a huge difference in the strength of the yarn.  Pure alpaca does not seem to stand up to the stress as well, and fixing broken threads is not my idea of a fun time.
Fingerless gloves
We are going to be in Orwell this Saturday doing another craft show.   It is such a fun time to do local shows as people are really open to handcrafts.  Besides this scarf which I hope to have done for Saturday, I made a pair of fingerless gloves that I really think are sweet.  The fun thing about them is the ribbon I put in every few rows.  One thing I have to keep working on is taking photos of things.  It is not something that I find easy to do, no matter how many Etsy lessons I read on the way to take great photos.  Maybe I will make that a focus this winter.  Sounds like a plan!


  1. I have alway wanted a pair of fingerless gloves, are they difficult for a beginning knitter to knit? I have knit many pairs of socks and one sweater (the sweater was huge, and I did knit to gauge!) Have fun at the craft show, I am sure you will do very well. Oh, and the picture thing - I feel exactly the same way.

  2. Fingerless gloves are easier than socks to make as you don't have to fuss with heel turns nor decreases for toes (or increases if you knit them toe up). The "hardest" part is if you decide to make an increase for the thumb, and even that is simpler than turning a heel! They are essentially tubes with a hole for your thumb to stick out. Make some! They are very handy to have, at least in this part of the country. So--our photo improving challenge is on?