Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two Scarves

On the loom
I am now working on two scarves--one on the loom and one on the needles.  It is so much fun to see the pattern emerging on the woven one.  It is an old design called "birds eye".  I did a variation on it with the scarf before this.  However I was not happy with the close tones of the yarn I had dyed masking the pattern.  This one is definitely standing out.  It is a pleasure to weave as I dressed the loom using the method lined out in "Warping By Yourself" which makes a huge difference.  The warp is so nice and even.  I love it.
On the needles
The knit scarf is a lace pattern I found in my Stitch Dictionary.  I decided to put a two stitch cable running up the outside edge to help it lay flat, once it is finished.  The hard part about lace is that it doesn't look like anything until you block it.  I threw in the pink for accent and contrast, also hoping that the cables will weight the ends down to keep the scarf in place when worn.  Thought the pink seemed to go with the brown real well.  I am hoping to get both scarves done in time for the Benson Village Craft Show on the 19th.  Gloria and I will have a booth there in the hope of catching folks who are looking for Christmas gifts.  
In old news, we had chicken dinner last week.  It was delicious and once named Brisco.  I am getting better at this flock consumption!  At this point the remaining rooster is doing a fine job of protecting the girls--all but three.  Those hens stay in the coop all day and won't come out when he is around.  They seem very scared of him.  I hope that they decide to join the others soon as it isn't as healthy for them to stay inside on these lovely fall days!

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