Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!
I have been busy trying to get photos and descriptions done for five more things to put in the shop just in case there are people who are looking for original handmade goodies to give to the loved ones in their lives.   I am severely hampered by the fact that my eyes have been giving me trouble due to the fact that my vision seems to have changed.  I was lucky enough to get into the eye doctors this morning and now have a new prescription in the works.  The bad thing is that I didn't want new frames so I had to leave my glasses there in order to get the new lenses put in them.  I am therefore wearing an old pair from a prescription or two ago.  Not ideal circumstances in which to try to use the keyboard!

Weft is beige alpaca and some ribbon trim
Same yarn for warp and weft
However, here are the two scarves I finished from the yarn that I was bemoaning in my last post.  I am very happy with them.  They are two very different styles and both are nice and soft.  It still is a challenge to get them photographed so that the true color comes through, although these look pretty much like they are in real life.
Other exciting news---I came home to find the scaffolding down, the tools gone and the place back to normal as the Roof is Finished!!!! Finally and At Last.  They had actually gotten the roof itself done a few days ago and were working on the clapboard replacements and chimney flashing.  I didn't take a photo yet, but it looks great.  Just in time as we had a snow last night.  I am so happy that we won't get ice dams this winter.
Now I have to get going on a custom order of a woven scarf as I haven't even spun the yarn yet.  I shall be very, very busy.  Am also finishing up a custom order hat which has been tons of fun to make.  And Christmas is coming!

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