Thursday, November 3, 2011

Excitement in the Village

Here is a great story.  My husband is the long time barber here in our little piece of Vermont.  A few years ago he happened to look out his window and noticed a car parked across the street at the local convenience store that seemed odd somehow.  Being the kind of guy he is, he made a mental note of it.  It turned out he was looking at the get-a-way car for a bank robber and the information he gave to the police helped them to apprehend the thieves.   Flash forward to yesterday.  Not being busy he looks out the window, and in the same place notices another car that attracts his attention.  This time he watches the person get out, and when coming back, sees she has purple smoke coming out of her satchel.  He quickly writes down everything about the car, license plate, noting the time, etc.   A short while later he is visited by police, produces his info and less then two hours after the bank was robbed, they have a couple in custody. The Burlington Free Press was the first to acknowledge his help.  I got home and found a message on my machine that an Albany News Station wanted to interview him.  Such excitement!
Jeff,  Barber and Crook Catcher
I am glad that he is the type of guy that won't let it go to his head.  It will be fun to hear about his interviews tonight when he sits down to supper.  I am very proud of him, especially when he insists he didn't do much of anything unusual.  I think he did!

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