Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dismay and Joy

Slate off, paper on
November First was a happy day.  The men came to finally start removing the slate off the south side of the house in preparation for putting a metal, standing seam one on.  This is an event I had been longing for as we have had several winters of ice back ups and their subsequent leaks into the upstairs.
Not exactly standing seam....
Therefore, when it was a week later and the roof was bare except for the paper stuff they put on it, I was so ready for the metal to come.

And I waited....

November 14, which you will note is two weeks from the first,  the rains came, and they came inside as well as out.  I am not one to complain, much, but having to find buckets and rags to catch streams of water in the night was not my idea of Fun.  Especially since it worked its way down into the built in cabinet in the kitchen which houses pantry items.  Happily, some of the rain got caught in the vases and extra coffee mugs I store there.  Kind of funny.  And, since the Lord is so Good, the rain only lasted for a couple hours.  I was able to get to bed by 11.
Now my house looks like this.
And I am told that Friday the roof will be here.  Not holding my breath.

The Joy?
Daisie Mae

Pretty egg!
Little Daisie Mae laid her first egg yesterday.  It was so exciting!  When hens go to lay their eggs, they kind of sneak off from the rest of the flock to go inside and do it.  I saw Miss Daisie go into the barn, do a walk around, then come out and "sneak" along the side to the coop door.  When I went in later, she was on a nest.  And by noontime, there was the little pullet egg, ever so pretty.  That makes me smile!

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