Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year

Well, after celebrating Christmas for over a week there is now a calm moment to reflect on all the wonderful things that have happened this year.   Then on to the New!
First fun thing was putting my hand spun, hand woven and knit things in an Etsy shop.
Then I  started this blog.   I know that as a blogger I am still a newbie with lots to learn.  I am proud of the fact that I actually stuck with it all this time!  I'd like to see if I can improve upon the format, etc, in the coming year, so if you have any suggestions I welcome them.
Mama hen and her three little chicks

I had three eggs successfully hatch and become a fine tasting dinner, a regular layer and a handsome protector of the flock, in that order.

All grown up
We had a fairly good growing year in the veggie garden.

My nephew became an ordained priest and his sister entered a convent.
John's Ordination
The juggling novitiate

This is my niece juggling in her habit.  I understand she is getting better at it all the time and said she wanted to juggle flaming torches!  I think she probably has, by now.

We survived a tropical storm and its accompanying flood.  The storm was a bad part of 2011, but the survival was the good part.
One of the sadder things

And then it was fall and Thanksgiving.  The Bridge was opened and we went across it to have dinner at Becca and Kevin's house.  After dinner we drove back down to it and walked up to the middle of the arch for our post stuffing interlude.  It was cold, brisk and fabulous.   When we got back we ate pie.

View from the Bridge

Now Christmas is winding down.  I look forward to the New Year and all the attending projects I will embark upon.  I already have my first one percolating in my brain.  Annie would love this beautiful shawl that she found.  It is a pattern from Never Not Knitting that I purchased a while ago.  I am going to make it for her out of a blend of white and grey alpaca that will give a heathery look to the yarn once it is dyed.  I don't mind knitting other people's patterns when they are original designs like this.  It will be a fun way to start the year off--then I have a weaving idea taking shape.......gotta go!  Happy New Year to All.

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