Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Finished scarf
It really is Christmas now as we have had a family gathering, and I've been to a Christmas luncheon and we have our tree!  So now I just have to get going on baking, cards and gifts.  I have been focused on spinning and weaving the custom scarf, not wanting to hurry it, but needing to be truly mindful of it.  Now it is done and gone and I will be able to do other things.

Pretty lights
Wild and lovely
We went to my folks to cut down a tree for them.  There are many years that my brother comes up from Pennsylvania at this time of year and he will cut one for them.This year said brother was unable at the last minute to come, so Jeff and I went over to do it. The parents have many forested acres that yield white pine, red pine and cedar.  Mostly my mother loves a white pine.  I figured we would have no problem finding one for her.  Dad let Jeff take the tractor, which is  probably the second time he's let him drive it in the 20 years they've lived there, and off we went in search of trees.  Ended up with two lovely, wild, huge pines to offer Mom.  She took one, and yes, I brought home the other.  Totally not the right shape but green, graceful and Christmas! It takes up half the room with its wildness.  I love it; hopefully the girls will not be too freaked out by it.

Cat watching squirrel
Naked little squirrel
Jeff's brother Rob and family were down over the weekend for a Christmas luncheon.  My mother in law  has a trio of misfit baby squirrels coming to her window.  Rob's son is 9 with the handicap of being the only child now at our gatherings.  Luckily one of the strangest of the squirrels came along to entertain him.  And it was very entertaining, especially to the Cat.  The poor little squirrel has our sympathy, but I was grateful he was there to keep the nephew from being bored out of his skull by all us grownups.
Let Christmas now come.  May you all have a Blessed Day, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ,  being with family, enjoying this time of year and hoping that over the week of Christmas you get to be with the ones you love.


  1. Oh dear, I am wondering if that baby squirrel has the mange. The spot might be bare of fur because of his scratching at the irritation, poor little thing.

    Love the wild and natural tree, I can almost smell the fragrance.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hehhehe, I love the tree. Can't wait to come home and load the rest of the room with presents!

  3. Martha, that is what we were wondering--mange?- but I don't know how we will ever find out as I don't think anyone is going to catch it! The tree does smell lovely. I hope if you celebrate Christmas that you are able to have a live one in your new house. Nothing compares. And Annie, we are waiting for you!