Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Never Knows.....

Our booth for the day

East Poultney Day was a lot of fun.  The weather was perfect for that kind of day--partly cloudy and warm without being too hot.  There were a fair amount of people about.  Not as packed as it has been some years.  The focus of the day is undergoing change.  It used to be a huge flea market affair on the green, with a few people dressed in "colonial" garb leading tours, or acting as hosts, for the three museums that border the green.  Now it is given over to artisans, handcrafters and locally produced items.  Antiques, as opposed to yard sale stuff.  This year they erected a tent so that there could be continual programing--things like short lectures on the history of the town and demonstrations of different crafts.  The band played at some point, as did a local folk group.  All seeming to be the quintessential Vermont summer experience. 
The book
I got to talk to lots of folks about spinning and weaving.  There was one gentlemen who, a weaver himself, was very willing to chat about the art.  He suggested a book that he said was invaluable for patterns.  Because he couldn't remember the title exactly, he took my card so that he could email the info.  I was so happy when he actually followed through.  He raved about this out of print book, saying it would be worth it for me at any cost.  So I immediately started to search online for it.  Found an image of it and something went "bing" in the back of my brain.  I ran upstairs and lo and behold, I already own it!!!!!! How bizarre is that??? This was one of a couple books acquired in the usual way  ("here, found this, thought you might like it") and I had not really looked at it since.  It is old, it is in black and white.  Well, now that I know what a treasure it is, I am anxious to read it and give it some attention.  A quick glance let me see it is as the gentleman said.  I think it will become my source of inspiration for a long time.  I'm wearing my happy face!
Which just goes to show, you just never know what can happen at these outings. 
P.S. And I did sell a hat.

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