Friday, August 5, 2011

More musings

Fun to knit, not my design
I think that what I really want to do, in my little fiber world, is only produce original designs.  I have been thinking about the whole idea of using other people's work after I have gone through the entire processing of the fleece, and it doesn't seem right.  It  is not too difficult to design something, once the yarn is in the hand.  By the time I reach that point, I have worked with it enough to know what it is going to be suited for.  To then tamely knit it up into a pattern someone else has thought of seems to be the wrong ending to all my work.  The last few things I have knit are all my own, and it was such a good feeling to look at them and know it was all out of my head and hands.  The weaving has always been mine, as weaving is a different ending than a knit piece.  There is such joy in deciphering and knitting a pattern that someone has designed.  I won't stop doing it.  It is just that I will save those patterns for gifts, or my own wearing and using.  They won't be in my shop.
All my own

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