Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Day

Package, ready to go
Am just off to mail out an Etsy order.  It is such a wonderful feeling to make up my little box and send it out.  How I wish I could find out what made this item appeal to this person.  Out of the millions of handmade items on the Etsy site, why my shop?  Why this particular thing?  For what ever reason it is, I am so happy I was found! 

East Poultney Day is this Saturday, the 13th.  Glo and I will be there with a booth and our spinning wheels.  I used to volunteer to dress in colonial garb to demonstrate spinning, now, however, I am in my regular clothes and demo at the booth.  I think I must get just as many people stopping to watch and ask questions.  There are actually quite a few of us who spin at our booths that day as the entire green is filled with people selling handmade things, antiques and many other fine items.  Throughout the day there will be a lot of things going on as Poultney is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year.  A fun time can be had by all, as the museums are open, there is lots of good food, and there is all kinds of stuff to look at.  You should come on over!


  1. Is that the black/multi colored hat? If so it's mine ^_^.
    I loved the colors and was searching for alpaca hats, need one for walking about campus in the Maine winters. I also saw you were in VT and I have family in the Burlington/Milton area. Excellent all around as far as I'm concerned.
    Thanks again!

  2. Yes!! How wonderful to know why you picked it. It has been one of my faves since I made it. Someone told me that now I sold it I need to make another, but I said, NO. I only make a thing one time. You will be the only one wearing a hat like that in the world!!! There may be others that LOOK like that, but they won't be hand spun, hand painted and hand knit with such enthrallment of the pattern and colors! Thank you and keep those ears warm!