Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Trip

No, not as in tumbling down, as in Autumn Traveling.  I had a fantastic bit of running around the country.  The first jaunt was to New York City.

We went past here

And went in here

Ate supper sitting in Bryant Park

Visited with Sister

Cousins in Central Park

That was only one day, so I was able to get work done on two scarves, a shawl and a hat before I went off to Wisconsin.

Two scarves
The Wisconsin trip was full of walks in nature preserves, in an arboretum and around lovely neighborhoods in Madison.

The State Capital

The interior is exquisite

Sandhill cranes at Horicon Marsh

One of the many lovely Arts and Crafts Movement houses
And of course I had a great visit with Jesse and Lisha.

Tour guides

The sad thing for me was that I did not take any foliage pictures before I left, and came home to find that the wind and rain had done a number on the beautiful colors.

My fall foliage, quite blown away while I was gone 
I am not complaining as I got to see all the glorious colors before I left.  Now we are picking the last of the garden, putting away the lawn furniture and thinking of starting up the wood furnace pretty soon.  Maybe even tonight.

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