Friday, September 26, 2014

Signs of Fall

It always hits me like this.  I go along, living in one season and then suddenly, I step out of the door one day and there it is--another season entirely.  Lately I was under the impression I was still having summer even though we did have one close call with frost (we held off any damage with sheet coverings over the tomatoes).  Still, I really thought it very summer like until I began to see the pots of mums creeping into the marketplace.  There are now mums everywhere, so it must be fall.  Mums being a sure sign.

Mums I have received lately

Maples changing color are another good indicator.  It seems so early to me for the leaves to be turning, although I am sure they are right on schedule.

Early morning sunshine on treetops

Not a sign of fall, but for the last two weeks I have been washing and picking a black fleece that came off of the alpaca Eboney.

Last quarter of the fleece
This was one thick fleece, let me tell you.  It took forever to dry.  Picking it was great for the first few days, but then it started to border on tedium.  It really took a great many hours to get it all picked and fluffed for Glo to take to the mill.  The fact that I get easily distracted might have contributed to the length of time.  Maybe.  I had to get it finished because it needs to be out of the dining room before I start my travels.

These begin Sunday when I take the train down to New York City with Annie to visit her cousin, Sister Gianna Marie.  She is presently down in Manhattan with her order, the Sisters of Life.  There is a visiting day on Sunday, which corresponds with a beautiful weather forecast, so we decided to take the trip down, walk the city and get to visit Sister in her present location.

After that I fly to Madison, Wisconsin on Thursday.  That trip is in order for me to visit with Jesse and Lisha for a few days.  I have been longing to go back to Madison ever since my sister and I went out last year.  It is a great city full of all sorts of interesting things to do and see.  Mostly, though, it now has family.

But before I go flying off I want to finish my second scarf.  I warped for two as I can make them very
different from each other.

Work progresses on scarf
The first was very finicky weaving as I chose to change colors every few throws in the color bands.  This second one I am treadling in a pattern called "crepe weave" and am doing larger blocks of colors, so it is not so fussy.  It is coming along very nicely.  I ordered a fringe twister from Halcyon Yarn and am excited to try it out on these scarves.  It will give me another option for finishing my fringes.

The day has turned sunny, warm and breezy.  I must get out and do lots of outdoor things before it goes away.  Hope you can get out and enjoy the day, too.

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