Friday, October 17, 2014


Making potting soil from compost, peat moss and dirt.  This way I will have a good potting mix in the winter when I need it.

Mixing dirt
Making the green house ready for the winter.  The poor thing has taken such a beating over the years that I have to put plastic on it to keep it rain and wind proof.

Securing the panels
Making soup.  It is actually butternut bisque.  Those are toasted pecans on top.  Very Yum.

Tasty, tasty soup
Making yarn.  I am thinking of a shawl done in all natural colors.

Shades of brown and cream
 Making space by getting things out of the house.  Space is not photogenic, so trust me when I tell you there is more of it in my work/dining room!

Making the most of this unnaturally warm (high 60's and 70 degrees) weather to get ready for the inevitable cold, dark days to come.

Making time to be grateful for such a lovely autumn, my family, and for trips--like my visit to Wisconsin!

Another one of the Arts and Crafts Movement style house

Penguins at the Henry Vilas Zoo

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