Saturday, September 13, 2014

Here I Am!

When last I wrote,  Spring was valiantly trying to arrive.  Of course she did, with all her attendant wonderment.  Part of that wonder was the arrival of my new flock of chicks.

Two Rhode Island Reds and four Golden Laced Wyandottes

The Rhode Island Reds came the first week in May with the Wyandottes following two weeks later.  This was after I had chosen these two breeds as they were supposed to both arrive the same week---I had done chicks two weeks apart before, and had a lot of trouble getting them to act as one flock.  It wasn't something I wanted to do again, and TaDa!  It happened.  At least this time I was better prepared for it and they have become a nice little group.

Here are the Wyandottes at one month

They grow very quickly.  Here they are now at 16 and 18 weeks, respectively.

See how lovely the Wyandotte feathering is?

One of the Rhode Island Reds has started to lay little eggs every now and again.  I am grateful she is laying them in a nest box---lots of times new layers will leave them in odd places.  The usual age for beginning to lay is about 20 weeks, so she is slightly early.  The eggs gain size as the hen gets older.

Mama Hen, the newbie and the Buff  Orpington's eggs
The new flock hasn't been named yet as I can't tell anyone apart.  As they get their identities, the names will come.

Lest you think all I did for the spring and summer was play with chickens, let me assure you that we also had to spend June getting ready with Annie for Her Wedding.   It was a full month of grooming my father's grounds, doing last minute tasks and being happily excited.  The day dawned lovely and warm, not too hot,  and no rain.

Mr. and Mrs. make the rounds
We had a wonderful day.  As you can imagine, I could post lots and lots of photos.  I will content myself with one of the interior of the tent, which was largely decorated with hand sewn and handmade items done by Annie, and of the ceremony site with the beautiful flowers.

The beautiful decorating job

Ceremony site
We all recovered from our celebrating quite nicely.  On July 3rd we  had a vicious line of storms come through which destroyed quite a few  homes and buildings in our town.  It was so fierce that the roads were impassable in places and resulted in all our Independence Day celebrations being cancelled.  Fortunately there were no injuries.

Trees and lines down in the village
We spent the next weeks cleaning up from the mess.  And then it was August.  That was another wedding, this one the other Annie in our family and it was down in Delaware.  It also was a trip to Cape Cod with my sister in law.  
The summer also was full of weaving.  I did two baby blankets and a rug for various gift giving.  

One of the blankets
There.  I think we are all caught up!  I am at work on a pretty warp for two scarves, knitting a shawl and spinning some more yarn.  My resolve is to get into a pattern of spinning as much as possible so that I will have yarns to work with.  And also to share my life with you again, as I know it is So Fascinating!

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