Friday, November 1, 2013


It is wild, mild and wet today.  Not the hard frosts of the last few days, but 59 degrees with wind and rain.  It doesn't seem very November-like.  Jeff says tomorrow night it is supposed to be 15 degrees.  That's Vermont for you!

Windy day
It is coming out of the south/southeast, so my weather vane tells me.  

Facing into the wind
I found this on Etsy from Swen and gave it to Jeff for Christmas last year.  I think it is quite nice.
The chickens are taking advantage of the lull in the rain to get out and about.  When it starts pouring again they head to the barn.

Braving the wind to get a drink 

Heading back to the barn

As you can see, their feathers are almost all back in.  I love how nice and shiny the new ones are.

I finished another rug.  These are the alpaca core wrapped wefts.  I really like this all black one.

Alpaca rug

It is so incredibly soft.  I can just imagine how it would feel under my feet, getting out of bed on a cold Vermont morning.  I hope someone else feels that way!
Now on to more spinning so I can get my next project up on the loom.  And making butternut bisque for lunch as I have a lovely fat squash neck to use.

What is left after oven roasting the rest 
November!  It goes so quickly that I hope I use it wisely.


  1. I am coming over for lunch, what time is soup? Your alpaca rug is just lovely and I think you are correct it will be perfect to sink your toes in on a dark and cold winter morning. Had to a good chuckle, you and I have the same tastes in weather vane makers. My flying pig weather vane was also made by Sven, I really like his work. Hope this 1st of November finds you spinning and weaving near a toasty fireplace.

  2. I will set a place for two! I will be thinking of you while I work, not by a fireplace, but warm and toasty none the less.