Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lovely Fall

The days are passing by in a lovely parade of good weather.  There are flowers still blooming, even some unexpected ones like this clematis.

A late fall blossom

The chickens are all going through various stages of molt.  Cleo was the first to start back in September. For a while I was finding a veritable drift of white feathers under the roost each morning.  She now has almost all her feathers back in, as does Roxie.

 Mama and Roxie

As you can see,  Mama is really in the thick of it now.

Having a bad feather day!

Isn't she funny looking?  Miss Buffington is just as silly appearing.

Miss Buffington and Cleo

It won't be long and the hens will all be full of clean, shiny new feathers.  Just in time for the cold weather.  They are having a grand old time running all over the yard, scratching in the leaves and eating the apples that are on the ground.
I finished my white shawl and got into the shop.  I am very happy with it.

The white shawl
We also took another quick day trip to Maine.  It was a ton of fun as we picked up my currently unemployed sister along the way.  We hiked the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge even though it is closed because of the government shut down.  Then we walked on the beach.  It was glorious.

Jeff and Katy walk MacTavish

Hope you are enjoying your fall, too.


  1. Your new shawl is just beautiful. Love the beach shots, what a perfect day for a walk.