Friday, December 27, 2013

Last One for the Year

It may be an indication of how busy I have been when I look to see my last post and it was the first day of November!  My, my, how time does fly.  November was filled with a lot of fiber doings.  Gloria and I did a craft fair in Rutland at the Grace Congregational Church.  It was only the second year the church had put on a craft fair with outside vendors, so it was a privilege to be there.

Glo spinning at our little booth

It was pretty successful from our point of view.  I had done four rugs for it and we sold three, which I thought was great.  I also sold a shawl and a hat.
Then I had to get crackin' and weave another rug as we had a fair in Orwell the first part of December.  I didn't sell any rugs that day, but I did sell my beautiful white shawl.  And a few other things.  Which is always nice.

My lovely alpaca and angora shawl
Of course we had to have Thanksgiving in there, somewhere!  It was a good day so all the travelers could make it over.

Eating and talking
We had our annual Thanksgiving puppet play.  I am pretty sure it was our last one as the puppeteer is going to be a young lady next year and will probably find such amusements beneath her!

Getting help for the Pilgrims
There was a flurry of baking, making and wrapping, interrupted by a few days of hospital trips while my Mom was laid up.  Thankfully she was on the mend and home in time for Christmas,  although she and my Dad elected to stay put that day.  We had to have our wild and happy gift exchange and Roast Beast without them.  Sadly, I have no photos that convey the sweet madness of the day.  Just tame ones of folks opening presents, or eating and talking.  You will just have to imagine the scene.

Now the days are getting longer, the sun stronger, the air colder!  The few woven scarves that I have yet to sell have been at a local gift store here in town.  The owner thought that she would try them for a few weeks.  That went well, with the result that she would like me to keep them there for the next few months.  So now I have to get busy spinning and weave a few more!  I am excited.  The ones left are all in fall colors which means I need to get the dye pot out for some blues, greens, pinks, purples?  
Oh ya.    

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