Sunday, April 21, 2013

What A Week!

For most of us this week was full of sadness as we watched the events in Boston and Texas unfold.  These did, indeed, impact us here in Vermont and our hearts go out to all those who were touched in any way by these things.
Our week started on Monday by visiting our neighbor to offer our condolences on the sudden death of his wife, Nancy.  She was only a few weeks older than myself and had suffered a massive stroke on the Friday before as she was driving to an errand in Rutland.  Their daughter and ours had been in drama together throughout high school, with Nancy and I sewing, altering and manufacturing many of the costumes they used.  Her untimely death is a tragic loss to her family and her community.  She will be greatly missed.
Later on that afternoon, Jeff caught his thumb in his wood splitter.  This was a shocking thing as he has been splitting wood for years and years and has always been so very careful, as his hands are his livelihood.  I rushed him to the Emergency Room (about 25 miles away) as he held his thumb together in a clean rag with some ice.  At the ER he was wrapped up in a more professional manner and made comfortable while we waited for a let up in the more pressing emergencies which seemed to be flooding in.  The attending doctor felt he would need the services of the reconstructive surgeon who was able to come within a fairly short time.  The good news was that the damage is above the joint, and the tendon wasn't hurt.  The bad news was bone breakage and general mashing of the end.  He ended up giving Jeff a pin in the tip of the thumb to hold the bone together while it heals.  He taped a lightweight brace to his wrist which goes over his thumb to protect it, and a sling to keep the thumb elevated above his heart.  Jeff must keep it warm, dry and protected for several weeks while the bone regrows and the outside heals.  If he obeys these orders, he probably will not lose the end of his thumb. However, being self employed means that there is no sick pay or other compensation for being out of work.  So that preys on his mind, although we certainly are not going to starve in four weeks.   Harder still will be finding things to keep him occupied while he is not barbering!
Jeff giving me the thumbs up
It was while we were at the ER we heard about Boston and decided that, bad as it was for us, losing the tip of his thumb was nothing compared to the losses from the bombs.
Wednesday night when I went to lock up my chickens,  I counted them per usual and came up one short.  Not Good!  It turned out to be my sweet little Goldie, found down in the ditch by the road.  It appears that she was hit and had her neck broken.  This is the first chicken in all the time I've been raising them to get hit.  I was very sad as she greeted me every morning, would let me pick her up and had been giving me an egg a day. And look at all the things I did for her little bare body! Poor little Goldikins.  At least she died quickly.  
I fear that by morning Baby will be deceased.  She has been in a decline for at least a week, walking slower and slower and spending much time just hunched in a sheltered place in the sun.  But this afternoon the rest of the flock have turned on her.  When they did this to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she died within 24 hours.  It is if they know death is near, I guess.  Which won't surprise me as Baby has had something wrong with her for almost a year now.  It didn't stop her from life, just slowed her down.  Until today, when, if I am correct, it finally has Done Her In.
Saturday was the best day.  This was the day that Kevin and Becca's family, Annie and Adam and Terri and Sharon all came up to help finish splitting the wood.  They not only got it all split but took several loads up to the woodshed and stacked it.  We had a lot of fun, worked really hard, ate a good meal, and made Jeff stop fretting about getting those things done.  There is still a lot to get up to the shed, but that can be done over the summer.  What a fantastic family we have!
Splitting by hand and with the log splitter

Ready to eat!
So ends a tumultuous week.  Full of good things and sad things, family, friends and strangers.  We are thankful for our many blessings.

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