Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Finished Objects:

The Sweater
This is the one I started last year.  It took every bit of yarn I had, leaving me with about two feet of the last skein.  Just enough for repairs, should I need it.

The back
Of course, while I was trying to take pictures I had my helper come.  This is Finnegan.  He absolutely loves anything fiber related. It puts him into some kind of ecstasy as he kneads it.
The helper

The next thing off the needles was the shawl.  I had the idea to knit it using the old "feather and fan" pattern, but had to figure out how to incorporate it into my triangular shape.  It came out just the way I wanted, which somehow always surprises me!

Latest Knit Shawl
And I love the way the collar folds.  It looks so elegant.  This yarn was spun with "unicorn hair" so it has this lovely shimmer to it.

Back with folded collar
What do you mean, you don't believe I have unicorn hair?  I am sure the man who sold it to me would not have lied about it.  It is lovely gossamer shimers of something.
The hat was a try at designing a wide band type which seems popular right now.  I really like the colors.

A hat
And the last thing was not off the needles but instead off the loom.  A scarf Not made with my own yarn, instead I put together my stash of alpaca, wool and silk fingering weights.   It came out so nice and drapey.
And a scarf
These are all now in The Shop, except for the sweater which I made for myself.   Now I have to wait on my woven shawl in greens as I am going to be weaving tea towels for another niece.   This time I could not decide on the color so I wimped out and bought a kit where everything is decided for me.  It came from Halcyon,  and although the kits have a few color variations, it was easier than looking at the many, many colors and trying to pick something out!  I chose the color group with the neutrals and wine, adding in a stripe of blue at each edge.  It will be so nice to weave as I can focus on the plaid development instead of worrying if I will have enough to finish!!!  Seems to be a running concern for me with my handspun.
So now with all these things finished,  it is time for me to look toward seed starting, yard work and other Springtime things.  The tea towels will keep my busy along with a pair of socks on the needles.  Just enough for the moment.  After all, it is Spring.

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  1. Jeanie, the unicorn shawl is my favorite. Love the way it catches the light.