Friday, September 30, 2011

A Cria is Born

At Gloria's Farm
Last week was very exciting at Gloria's place.   Their alpaca Addy had her first cria.  Addy was the first cria born on their farm and the birth of this baby was full of anticipation.  The little rascal chose not to be born during the middle of the day, which is the usual time for alpaca births, but came stealthily in the early morning hours.  Bud was out in the barn doing the morning chores when he saw this little face poking out  between the bars.  He called into the house and Gloria came out as fast as she could.  She had been getting ready to go to her regular check up with the doctor as soon as the barn chores were done.  They were very pleased with the new one, and after hastily cleaning her off, named her Honeybee and went off to the appointment.
Hernando and Addy
However,  Gloria was sent from the doc to the hospital for tests and a more thorough examination.  While settling in she turned to her husband and said that he had better check that the cria really was "Honeybee" as it occurred to her just then that although she had not seen any bits to proclaim him male, neither did she actually see anything to say she was female!
Low and behold, Bud found out that "Honeybee" was actually "Hernando", his maleness being obscured by the messiness of birth.  Proper cleaning off revealed all.
And thankfully Gloria came home in two days.
That funny story led me to think about spinning up some of Addy's fleece for a lace hat project.  I found a new pattern of lace that is intriguing.  Her fleece is such a pretty shade of oatmeal that I think it will make a nice hat.  Although I probably will end up flinging some other fibers in so it isn't too neutral a color.  The scarf on the loom is coming along nicely.  The new way of warping is great!  I am already thinking of another scarf to do.  So many things, so much fun!


  1. I think you need to write WHY they named him Hernando :)

  2. Ha! I don't think that I have the right to tell that story. It is a good one!