Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well the resilient state of Vermont is certainly coping with this flooding in a remarkable way.  Even though the devastation is still keeping people from traveling across the state, every road is now able to support emergency vehicles.   Even in our town which wasn't hit hard, there are many homes with dumpsters in the yard, evidence of flooded cellars or other buildings.  The photos  of the storm damage are astounding.   It doesn't seem possible that some of these roads are now passable.  It is heartwarming to see the resilience of Vermonters.  Everywhere people are helping people, strangers pitching in to help anywhere they can.  It is wonderful.
Dye results
In my little world life goes on per usual.  Although I felt funny to be doing fiber things when others are cleaning up mud and debris, there is no reason not to.  So I spent Saturday playing with dyes.  The color combination I wanted included purple, green and blue.  It is for a woven scarf.  I am thinking that the warp will be the purple and the weft the green/blue.  The pattern is going to be a new one for me.  It is called "Triple Draught Bird's Eye".  Because the scarf will be narrow, I am going to improvise it a little on the edges.  There is only going to be a small repeat, but I think it will be very interesting.  We shall see!  Do you like this color combo?  My only thought was maybe the tones  should be darker and richer.  Any thoughts on that?
Doing her job
One final note.  The chickens are back laying.  For what ever reason they  did not lay one egg while I was gone to Scituate and to the wedding.  We thought it was because it appears that some are molting.  However there are at least two who have started up again.  I'd like to think it was that they missed me!  Probably not.  Just glad they are doing their job.


  1. Of course the chickens missed you! The dye results of your yarn are very pretty, I like them the way they are. Also glad you did not suffer and damage from all the flooding. My sister lived in Vermont for years, she is now in Kansas and has been going crazy with worry about all the good friends and neighbors she left behind. Take care!

  2. Thank you! I am glad of the vote of confidence on the colors and for the kind words. I hope your sister has found out how her friends are. It has been a worrisome time for many.

  3. Love the color combo just the way it is, Jeanie! It has a very whimsical feel... Can't wait to see how the scarf turns out!!
    See You Soon~Meredith

  4. Hey Meredith, thanks! I just got the book I ordered on how to warp the loom by myself. It is a totally different method of doing it then I have done in the past. I'm excited about learning this new technique. Thought this scarf would be the perfect size to experiment with. You shall definitely see it when it's finished! See you next Week.