Thursday, November 13, 2014


I have a great idea for a project that I am working on.  It involves doing something I have never done, so that in itself requires a lot of research and thinking.
I have never dyed a warp. 
Now the way I see that most folks do it is to actually paint the warp with the dye while it is on the loom.  I am not up to that.  Another way to do it is to wind the warp, secure the crosses, remove the warp and dye it as you would a skein.  Eeek!! How I could I keep the yarns from tangling I do not know.  I suppose that tying them multiple places would work.  Then there is the drying part after they come out of the steamer, as I am thinking of a four yard warp.  Granted it will be for two scarves, so only six inches wide.  Still, that is seriously a lot of yardage to keep straight while drying.  The third dyeing method I read about was very interesting.  It was dyeing "palindrome skeins".  This means that the dye is applied in wide stripes across the skein.  Doing that makes the color sequence match up when you are warping and come to the turning peg to go back.  Theoretically  then when I dress the loom the colors will be in wide stripes across the scarves.  However, as I will have to wind the  yarn into a ball after it dries for ease of winding on the warp, will the stripes come out in the right place again??? 
What's the least stressful method, I do not know. 
Meanwhile, when I was washing the skeins to set the twist I heard this strange noise coming from the bathtub.  Looking over I beheld my cat O'Malley washing himself!!  In the tub.  It was hilarious.  I can't imagine why he was in there.  So I ran to grab my camera, and of course, because he is a cat, he was no longer washing himself.  In the bathtub.  Oh well.

What he does best

This is the yarn I am going to dye for the scarves.

Marled grey and white alpaca

So, now that I have procrastinated long enough, I am going to get out the dyes and Do It.  You will have to wait 'til next time to see what method I use.

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