Saturday, November 29, 2014

In Case You Were Wondering

Last time I posted, O'Malley the cat was in the bathtub washing himself.  That particular place for his daily ablutions only lasted a day or two.  Since then he has spent the greater part of each day here:

The best place in the house

I am  constantly walking into the bathroom thinking I have left a project soaking and forgotten it.  He is so happy in there that even when I throw him out in order to have some privacy, he is right back there as soon as I am out,  Crazy cat!!
The scarf project did not turn out as anticipated, although the end result is not displeasing.  I chose to count out the yardage on the warping board, but did not do the crosses.  Then I removed it from the board, and laid the 4 yards out on the floor.  I figured I could easily put it back on the warping board doing the crosses and match up the color blocks.
Here it is in photos:

Dye painted in one foot increments

Warp and weft hanging to dry

Warp in ball for easy wrapping of warping board

On warping board, note colors do not line up

Scarf on left with solid weft, on right with warp yarn used as weft

That was a learning project all right!  I learned that if I want to keep the bands of color I need to actually count off the warp with the crosses and taking it off the board, paint it.  Then when dry,  dress the loom, and it should line up the large painted sections.  Ha!!!

After that we had our first real snow.
Her first snow--does she like it or just not know how to get back?

The rest of the flock, waiting for me to bring her in

MacTavish Dundee, playing frisbee in the snow last winter
The snow came after we laid our beloved Gordon Setter to rest.  He was 12 years old and had a wonderful life.  We miss him, the loneliness being tempered with the knowledge that he doesn't have to struggle any more.
Tomorrow is the first Sunday in Advent.  That gives me the impetus to Decorate!!!  Christmas is really the only time I decorate the house.  It is my favorite time of the year. I do have an infinity scarf on the loom that I want to finish before the next craft fair on the 6th.  However, I am sure I can fit in weaving around Decorating.
Til then, stay warm and as Brenda Dayne says : "If you're cold, put on a sweater.  That's what they're for."

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