Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What It Looks Like

We are really in a spell of rainy weather which I am sure most of us wish had happened in April.  It has not gotten as bad as other parts of the country that are currently experiencing major flooding, but many of the fields around here are beginning to get pretty soggy.  And so, this is what a very damp flower garden looks like.

Weeds grow well in the rain
And this is what the peonies and roses all look like:

Drooping and dropping
All the roses have issues with their foliage:

Distressed foliage
I have tried to keep up with spraying only it washes away so quickly that I don't think it has time to help.  
This is what rescued blossoms look like:

Peonies, lupine, dictamnus and baptisia
The rain has made it easier to work inside on things,  with the result that I have finally gotten my cotton warp off the loom.  This is what the tea towels look like:

Variations on a theme
I was very please with them.  Now I am excited to start my "green shawl".  I have got the greens, there is just a matter of wanting to be sure of enough yardage, so I have some lovely grey to ply and add to the mix.  

Yarn for shawl
Although, now that I look at it, I think I may have to dye that grey a green shade!!!  Hmmm,  I will consider it again after plying.  
Lastly, what a broody hen looks like, is not something that I have seen this spring!  However we continue to save out 5 eggs at a time, because I want to be ready when she is.  Last year was so badly done for her.  After that fiasco and a later one in August I  just hope she hasn't given up on mothering altogether.  And I am ready for more chicks, being as we lost two.  
That's all for now!


  1. Your new plaid towels are wonder, I like the color palate you chose.

    Hope your chickens fair well this year. I have my first broody hen sitting on a clutch of eggs!

  2. Thanks! And I am so jealous to hear you have a broody hen!!! It is such a wonderful time. I hope they all hatch.