Saturday, June 29, 2013


It is one of those summers where the weather is struggling with itself.  If it isn't raining, then we are having hot sun which, in years past, we didn't get until July.  Usually.  The plus side of a rainy day is that I can be inside weaving and not feel the least bit guilty!
Lately, the room I use for my weaving has begun to feel very claustrophobic to me.  It got me started pinning dream studios to a board in Pinterest, that is how badly I have been feeling about my creative space.  Slowly it has dawned on me that this room could be a better studio if I took out everything in it that was not fiber related, and just put back the things that I use, whether they be tools, books or just things that make me happy to look at them.  In other words, don't pine for something that you don't have, instead, work with what you've got only look at it from a different perspective.  
It only took a few hours, a vacuum and some dusting cloths to make an enormous difference.  The futon was the biggest obstacle as it is critical for extra sleeping space.  I finally got it shifted out of the corner where it has been for years and years and put it against a different wall.  All the things that were not fiber related have been sorted through and assigned to their respective places.  I ended up with only one small bag of trash and another small pile for the thrift shop.  The resulting room makes me Very Happy.

Well lit and more spacious weaving area

It might work out well to have the bookcase nearer to hand when I need to reference something as I work.
Having the bookcase nearby
Also a vast improvement is the view from the loom.  It was very disheartening before with tons of clutter.  Not conducive at all to happy thoughts!  In case you were wondering, the room itself is only 9' x 13'.
Much more inspiring outlook
I put all the pieces I could find that I have woven along the back of the futon for inspiration.
The piece on the loom is my long awaited green shawl.
Shades of green
It was while dressing the loom with this warp that I got totally frustrated with the lack of space.  It was definitely worth the time spent to clean and re-arrange.   Now I can wind my bobbins and get to work!  This has been threaded up in M's and O's.  Can't wait to start on it.  Will not let the knowledge that the bedroom I use for fiber storage is now a mess and needs sorting out to discourage me one bit! 

The sun came out today so I ran around to take photos of the brave plants that are trying to bloom.
Roses and pots, trying to be cheerful

Hydrangia and roses
The sad happening was finding my rooster dead on the floor one night when I went to lock up the chicken coop.  It was very unexpected.  As it didn't seem to be that he was diseased I wasn't worried about the hens coming down with anything.  Since he has been gone the four girls have banded together and are laying more eggs then they ever have in their lives!  Even Cleo is laying and she hadn't  laid for a long time.  I don't think they miss him, good rooster though he was.  No point in saving out my eggs now--if Mama goes broody I will be in a fix as there won't be any fertile eggs for her.  Oh well!  Such is life.
R.I.P. Mr. Rooster


  1. The studio looks great!!!

    1. Well, thanks! You should come up and see it sometime!

  2. Sorry about your rooster, guess you could always order fertile eggs from a supplier for your broody hens.

    Your newly arranged studio looks wonderful, enjoy!