Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Joy

The happy couple
Today is a very happy day in our Roberts' family.  Our niece Kathleen is getting married this afternoon.  It promises to be a very lovely wedding, with the reception taking place at a beautiful country inn.  The happiest part for me and my gang is that our son Jesse is here for the festivities with his long time girlfriend who we are all meeting for the first time.  They reside out in Wisconsin which doesn't allow for many visits home.  He has been gleefully dragging Lisha all over the countryside to show her his hometown, his state, and most importantly, his sisters.  We plan on all being up at Becca and Kevin's tomorrow for a family day.
Two years ago, Becca and Kevin

And I did finish the throw.  It ended up being about 60" long with 5" of fringe on either end that I knotted.  It is about 29" wide.  The take in on the edges was greater than I expected, but I think the overall proportions are fine.  I was very pleased with the final product.

The throw

My weekend at Merck Forrest was very nice.  I had a lot of questions to answer, which was the whole reason why I was there.  The set up was such that folks got to watch the dogs round up the sheep, then they could see the sheep get sheared, the fleece get skirted, and then come along to see the spinning. I brought the drum carder to let the kids get a chance to have a 'hands on' part of it.  That went really well.  The center is extreemely well thought out.  I was very impressed with it.  No sales, but that didn't surprise me as there were no other vendors except for food, so it wasn't as if people were there to buy stuff.  More importantly, it gave me exposure, resulting in a woman who wishes me to teach her spinning.  That will be very exciting as she wants the whole thing--from washing the fleece to the end.  We will start lessons in October, which gives me time to figure out a lesson plan.
Yes, a very joyful time, this September.   Cool weather,  changing leaves--sweater time!
My wheel and stuff in the Sugar House

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  1. Lovely throw, very celtic looking pattern! Enjoy the fall weather.