Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bonnet and Booties

Bonnet and booties
I finished knitting the little booties and bonnet with the leftover yarn from the socks.   The bonnet was from the book Homespun Handknit.  It is a pattern by Jean Scorgie.  I first wanted to knit it after reading about it in a blog by Stephanie Pearl McPhee.  Finally, someone I know is going to have a baby and I was able to try it out.  It is indeed the cutest little thing!  I loved knitting it.  Just hope I get to see it on the little one someday.  The last I heard, her name is going to be Persephone.  Her brother is Xavier.   No plain Janes in that family!
Cute as a bunny

The booties are from the book Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders.  The pattern is called "G.W.'s Bonnet and Bootees" but as you know, I didn't knit that bonnet.   The booties, too, were an interesting construction.  I really like to knit up patterns that have a different construction to them.  Process knitting.  Guess that is why I like to make up my own patterns.

Getting some fresh air

Winter is progressing through January by giving us fits of snow doused with bouts of rain.  There is still not enough snow to cover the grass.  At least the temperatures are milder these last two days and the chickens can come out for a stroll around the yard.  I was worried that they would be messed up with their laying schedule as the light bulb went out in their henhouse.  I guess because I had the light back on after only a few hours that they were able to get back on track just fine.  I had two lovely eggs this morning, per usual.

And the seed catalogs are arriving!!! I love to see them.  It fills my heart with joy to look at all the beautiful flowers and yummy veggies.  Hope springs eternally as mine never look like that!  But, maybe this year they will.


  1. The bonnet is adorable, hope we get to see it on the little one when she arrives.

    Nice to see your chickens out and about. Thanks for the heads up about the heated dog water bowl, I will be using that idea for my coop next year. Just ordered my very first chickens - got 6 girls all are heritage breeds. They are due to arrive the second week of June. Now I need to get the hubby busy building a coop. Hope you don't mind if I bother you with chicken questions.

  2. I will be more than happy to give you answers to questions. I love my little flock and can talk about them for hours! What breeds did you order? Chicks are so much fun.

  3. Jeanie, I ordered the following girls
    1. Buff Brahma Standard
    2. Buff Orpington
    3. New Hampshire Red
    4. Speckled Sussex
    5. Black Jersey Giant
    6. Buckeye

    As I understand it all these birds are heritage breeds which pleases me. Had to wait until June to get most of the birds - that is when the hatchery is scheduled to have those types of chicks ready at the same time. I did not order a rooster - thinking of waiting until next year and getting him along with maybe 2 other girls. I want to see which breed(s) of my girls I like the best and will hopefully be able to get a rooster of that breed. Any suggestions about brooding my girls will be most appreciated.

  4. Martha, it sounds like you have a great flock coming! I have a Brahma, although she is a Light Brahma. She is the matriarch of the group. I also have two Buff Orpingtons. A site I recommmend is backyardchickens.com for all your questions. Especially useful is the forum. Anything you can think of to ask has already been discussed, or the folks are ready to discuss again! I also subscribe to the magazine Backyard Chickens. I just read about Black Jersey Giants in the last issue and was really intrigued. It is a great read and re-read. I keep all my issues for reference.