Monday, January 16, 2012

Being Busy

Frozen dawn
With the temperature at -10 this morning, Jeff and I are not too eager to be doing anything outside.  I have left the poor chickens in for two days now to spare them this bitter cold.  It is only marginally warmer in their house (9 degrees at dawn) but they are out of the wind.  They get lots of special food to keep their little bodies fat and warm.   I chose not to try and heat their coop as I read a lot of articles against it.  So far they are doing well without the extra heat, giving us four eggs on Saturday and two today.  I just keep feeding them well.
And feed us good things, too!  Right now I have a sour cream pound cake in the oven.  Am planning on having it with some strawberries from the freezer.  Gotta keep our strength up!

                                          I am loving this, which is keeping my moral up.

Finished these, which are keeping my feet warm.

Still working on the little green shawl but had to take some time out for baby shower knitting.  I used up the end of the yarn from these socks to make booties, and a little bonnet to match.  Will take a picture when I am done.
Being Busy.  Waiting for my snow.  But not as much as they are having in Alaska !  Just enough to play in.


  1. Love the flower, so beautiful and cheery. How do you keep the chickens water from freezing?

  2. This year we bought a heated water bowl (usually for dogs) which I find is just fantastic. I put it on a block to be up to their head level so they don't have to dip down and get their wattles wet. The water does get dirty, so every day I dump out the dirty into a pail and fill it back up with water from the house. Very easy and it means they always have water to drink.

  3. Awhat?! Why isn't that little green shawl draped around my shoulders already??? :D Love you, Mummy. xoxox Ps. I'm jealous of the flower - so tropical and beautiful.