Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Designing Day

Finished scarf
Grey and rainy day here.  It could be depressing except that I have too much going on in my brain to let it be so.  I am working on another woven scarf.  The one I just finished is fine, as you can see, but the whole point of the pattern is lost as the yarn colors are too close in tone.  So I am thinking of the next one with a black warp.  And a variation on the pattern as I rarely do the same thing twice.  This also was an overshot pattern which I loved doing.  Thanks to Thistle Rose Weaving for encouraging me in that area.
The other design flailing around my head is something for a birthday girl, so I won't say much about it, just in case she reads this.  I am sure I can get it done by the weekend.....
Sister and MacTavish
Speaking of the weekend, I spent this last one with my sister and her husband.  I was very happy that they took me to the beach as I had not seen that bit of ocean in a long while.  The area off New Hampshire and Maine is always the part of the Atlantic I consider The Ocean.  I know that I saw the ocean this summer, but that was off of Massachusetts.  So it didn't count.   It wasn't The Ocean. The day was glorious.  Half of the sky had thick clouds in it while the other half was deep blue.  It was low tide, so there was lots of sand to walk on.  MacTavish had never seen a beach before.  He thoroughly approved of it.
p.s.  I still have the rooster, but time is growing short for him.

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