Friday, March 18, 2016

This and That

First off, I'd like to say that in the last post I mentioned that the entralac scarf structure was not very "giving".  Well, that is not true!  It is very pliable.  I think it would make good socks or hats as it isn't firm at all.  I don't know what I was doing that day, but it wasn't feeling my work!!!  Also related to the last post--the socks.  They are finished, given away and are said to fit perfectly.  I love when that happens.

Happy spring socks

We had our "winter" picnic which was so much fun, even though the weather was definitely more like spring at almost 60 degrees!   Afterwards we went for a lovely walk in the woods.  The dogs thought it was great and Rosa got her first close up look at a flowing brook.  I was wondering if she would like water.

Rosa exploring the brook

She thought it was wonderful.

I am working on my scarf, and also the pair of socks for myself.  Neither of these are very taxing so I am casting around for a more challenging project.  Now that the folk's house has sold I have a lot more free time on my hands.  It will take some getting used to.  Especially Sunday afternoons, as we have gone over there on almost every one for the last 25 years.  I think I will warp the loom for a few small rugs to jump start the creative juices.

The weather has been very warm and rainy.  The bees were out and about, but as there is nothing really blooming yet we decided to feed them.  They get a sugar water jar on their hive that they have access to.  The chickens are also out and about.  One of the younger two spent yesterday making a very sad sound the entire day, non stop.  Occasionally Miss Buffington, the older hen, would answer her.  I was sure that this was a death sound and fully expected to find her demised this morning.   She wasn't!  Today she is acting totally normal.  I did find blood in one of the overnight droppings,  whether that was hers or not I will never know.  What her problem was, I will never know!  It didn't stop her from laying an egg.  One of the reasons I was hoping for a recovery is that she and her sister are the only egg layers right now, and I would hate to be down to one laying hen.  I'll keep an eye on her today, but so far she looks perfectly normal.  Chickens!

All recovered

Don't get excited about the green grass.  That is a picture from last summer.  It is still pretty brown around here.  There are clumps of spring bulbs starting to pop out only it is supposed to get pretty cold again this weekend, so I hope they don't emerge too much!

Now I am going to get out the Easter decorations.  I am looking forward to that Sunday as both girls and their families are going to join their aunts and uncles at their  Nain's house.   And we all know who I am going to be happy to see--my beautiful grand daughters, especially that cutie--Miss T!

Love this baby!

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