Wednesday, February 25, 2015


February, as most of us in the Northeast can testify, has been so cold and so snowy that I think it qualifies for the longest month of the year. 

Snow from off the roof, piling up in front of the kitchen window

I did mention the cold, didn't I?

We have been keeping busy indoors.  About two weeks ago my 87 year old father came to live with us.  He had spent two weeks in the hospital and then four in rehab.  Still not being too steady on his pins, it was decided that he should stay with us 'til he gets his strength back. 
It has been quite a learning curve.  However, we are all trying hard to make things work.  So far it has been relatively smooth.

To keep out of trouble, I decided to make myself a pair of mittens as mine were sadly in disrepair.  Elizabeth Zimmermann has a Norwegian style pattern that I thought I would try.  It is in her book Knitting Around.  I have wanted to try a patterned something with the background changing colors as I went.  This seemed like a great way to play with that concept.

Mitten backs

Palms, with EZ's idea of stripes for the thumbs
So far they are a lot of fun.  I had to copy out the patterns so I could put them up on my magnet board. The board has a stand that props it upright.  That makes it really easy to follow charts.  After the green I am going to yellow, then orange, then red.  I think. 
I am also working on some spinning as I feel the need to be weaving.  The sun (when it is out) is so warm and strong as it shines into the room where the loom is that I long to be there. 

We had one day that the temperature rose above freezing.  It had been several weeks since the last time that happened.  It was so exciting the girls all had to come out and see what the yard looked like.  They have been confined to the barn with the sub-zero weather.

They are not amused with the snow
At least with 8 hens I didn't have to resort to basement confinement in this bitter weather as they kept each other fairly warm.   They are all laying now, which is great.  I had 8 eggs the other day, so not one slacker among them. 

Eagerly awaiting the return of green grass and springtime flowers, I will post this photo to keep our spirits up.

Ah, the promise of Spring


  1. Spring is just around the corner, thank goodness! Love the picture of your girls navigating around the snow piles. Lovely daffodils.

    1. Thanks! Sure hope spring is coming soon--they say it will be below zero again tonight...