Thursday, March 13, 2014


I have lived in New England all my life, so snow in March does not phase me.  So having two days of snow,  sleet and blustery cold wind from the north, is not unheard of.

Second day, still snowing

That doesn't mean I am keen on it.  Especially hard is the cold.  It is only 9 degrees!  That is what makes it so difficult.  The wind, which I find is sort of hard to photograph, makes it feel much, much colder.

What you can't see is the wind and the cold

This was last year on this very date:

Rising waters

Since I can't go out, I got busy and worked on a little baby dress.  This is a design I tried before with moderate success.  This time I was thinking that the skirt part should be fuller to accommodate diapers, so tried to adjust that part of the dress.  It is knit with a commercial yarn, mostly acrylic for easy care for the mom.

Dress for baby Arya

It looks sort of strange.  I sure hope it fits ok.  Just in case, I am working up some wee leggings for her, too.

Tiny leggings
Well, must go have coffee with the husband who came back from town just now.  He says that there is no sense in being open today, no one is around, they are all busy shoveling and plowing.  The bank had not even opened!   It is supposed to stop by noon.  Let's hope so!  Meanwhile, coffee and some serious spinning will be the order of the day.  

My happy snowman 
Just for today, I will keep my focus on the green plants and the inside of the window!


  1. Oh that little dress is just darling and the wee leggings make the outfit, cute, cute, cute! I adore your little happy snowman, he reminds me of the little snowmen we used to see in the 5 and Dime when I was a kid. We too have blowing and cold and yet more snow right now. I did see my first robin the other day which is a sure sign of spring, even if I can't see the grass yet. Enjoy your coffee and spinning this morning.

    1. Thanks! The sky is lightening up ---maybe we are all done with the snow, at last!