Thursday, January 31, 2013

Windy Day

When the three were children they had a comic routine that they would do for me every time it was a windy day.  I would say "It's windy today" and they would take right off:

"No it's not, it's Thursday"
"I'm thirsty, too.  Let's go get a cup of coffee."
"Waiter! This coffee tastes like mud."
"Well, sir, it should.  It was ground this morning."

They were so easy to amuse back then!
Chickens investigate the pond

It is very windy, though.  I let the chickens out to run around as the ground is all bare again.  They had a great time and went down to the swamp to check out my new pond.  I have always wanted a pond.  The idea is so appealing.  Ponds draw all sorts of wildlife and water is so soothing.  Most of the time.  I must admit that there are the occasional bad water scenarios, but mostly, in our neck of the woods, water is peaceful.  We have a large swamp which can not be dammed as it contains cattails, which makes it wetland which makes it protected.  However, for reasons unknown to myself, the swamp is rising this winter, and I have a pond!  I will enjoy it as long as possible.  We got a beaver pond across the road a few years back, and although the town has had the beavers trapped and the dams broken, the beaver are still there, the water is still there and all the attendant wildlife.  So I feel certain the town will eventually notice water backing up and take care of it.  But until then, I will enjoy!!!!

Tool tray for loom

While Jeff was not out ice fishing, due to lack of ice, he made a lovely tool tray for my loom.  I have been wanting one for a very long time as I knew it would be just the thing to make my life so much easier.  Harrisville markets one for my loom and that is the one I have been coveting.  Well, I told Jeff about how I wanted one and did he think perhaps one could be made?  Say no more!  He conjured up bits of lovely birch from our kitchen remake (10 years ago) and a piece of cherry from a tree that once stood on our property, and voila!  A beautiful tool tray.  He even was able to mount it without drilling any holes into the loom by using steel pegs that keep it from shifting.  It is just perfect.
Next on my "to do" list is washing fleece.  I have a lovely blue face leicester/border leiscester cross to wash first.  Then two alpaca fleece.  Winter is really a good time to have at them.  So, off I go.  Hoping that we don't lose electricity in this wind.


  1. Oh I like the idea of the beaver returning to your "pond", wouldn't that be awesome.

    Your Roo is a beautiful boy, love his tail. What breed is he?

    The new tool tray is just perfect. It is much nicer than any purchased tool tray - and it even has wood from your land in it's construction. Perfect.

  2. My rooster IS a beautiful boy--he is just a barnyard bird. He was one of three eggs that my Rhode Island Red hatched out. The eggs were from all the girls so I don't even know who his mamma was! He is a nice roo, too--the nicest I've had yet. And thanks about the tool tray--I really do love it!